Under Armour UA Liquify First Impressions

Have you ever had a pair of shoes that you love but ends up wearing out far too quickly? Well, Under Armour thinks they’ve got a shoe for you that you’ll love and will last longer in their all-new UA Liquify running shoes.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Under Armour on this as they gave me these pair of shoes in exchange for my honest opinion – so without further ado, I wanted to share my first impressions of the UA Liquify.

General Info

The UA Liquify is the first Under Armour shoe with this particular midsole – fans of the brand will be more familiar with their usual running shoe lines, HOVR and Charged. What the Liquify line aims to do differently is provide a more durable option for runners via “fluid design”.

Basic stats include a 8mm heel-to-toe drop – fairly standard among running shoes – and weighing in at 285 grams for a men’s US 9.

Size & Fit

I’m normally a men’s US 10.5 and the UA Liquify fit me true-to-size which I was very impressed by given my wider foot – the mesh upper around the toe box stretches to accommodate and I found this a welcome surprise.

Step-in comfort is very nice in the Liquify thanks to a deluxe foam, dual layer sock liner which seems to just hug your foot once it’s inside.


Given the mission statement of the UA Liquify to provide resilience and durability, the outsole seems up to the task, featuring lots of thick, tough-looking rubber all the way around the bottom of the shoe. Rather than be recessed in the midsole, the outsole rubber almost seems to stick out from the bottom of the shoe, presumably to give it the best opportunity to wear out before reaching the midsole. If durability is what you’re looking for, the Liquify seems to fit the bill.

What all the rubber means, however, is that the Liquify is on the heavier side. In my size, the Liquify’s come in at over 320 grams which makes it one of the heavier shoes in my quiver that isn’t a stability shoe. In my opinion, this makes the Liquify more of a daily trainer – so it’s convenient that the shoe is meant to be more durable.


While the outsole is the UA Liquify’s main attraction on paper, the midsole is undoubtedly the most eye-catching part of the ensemble when it’s in front of you. Under Armour calls it a “liquid foam” midsole, which is then wrapped in TPU to give it it’s unique “liquid” look – it’s definitely a distinctive look, particularly given how many other brands like to have their midsole foam bared for the world to see. Apart from the unique look, though, I do wonder how much weight was added by adding this cosmetic layer to the shoe.

I’m terms of how it feels on foot, the Liquify provides a very interesting feel – in particular, I’m quite liking how the forefoot feels during toe off as I felt a very distinct bounce sensation. However, I didn’t quite get the same sensation from my heel in the back of the shoe. This makes me wonder whether this just needs a bit more break in given how much more foam there is there, so I’ll be keen to monitor how it feels over time.


For me, the upper of the UA Liquify is actually my favourite part of the shoe for the time being. Part of it is the fully knit upper which makes for the comfortable and stretchy forefoot fit that I mentioned before – the other part is the plush foam all around the mouth of the shoe which just send to hug your foot.

Of note, the Liquify doesn’t come up as high on my ankle as some shoes do so I was initially worried whether I’d be able to get enough lockdown and feel secure in the shoe, but this didn’t seem to be an issue for me – it helps that there’s so much foam on the inside of the shoe as this helps you lace up a bit tighter to get a good fit without strangling your foot.

First Impressions

Overall, my first impressions of the UA Liquify are positive. While it is heavy, the trade off for increased durability may be worth it. The midsole has me interested in trying it on more different types of runs and seeing how they hold up, though the very comfortable upper will probably keep me happy for most runs.

Stay tuned for my full review coming soon.

Published by Stephen Yuen

I've been many things in my life, but right now, I'm an engineer, a runner, a husband, and a cat daddy. Who knows what comes next.

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